SSH Xforward prob with KDE3.2

Frank Hellmuth fhellmuth at
Fri Mar 12 07:37:09 GMT 2004

Am Tuesday 09 March 2004 20:25 schrieb Job 317:
> Continuing saga of KDE3.2 upgrade...
> Prior to my konstruct upgrade of kde3.2 I was able to SSH to other Linux
> boxes of varying releases (RH7.3, RH9.0 with KDE3.0.5 and KDE3.1.4) with
> the latest builds of OpenSSH and have the Xserver display back to the
> client machine.
> Now (I assume due to moving certain variables and such with the
> konstruct install of KDE3.2 into my /root/kde3.2 directory) I am unable
> to display back to my client machine. This problem occurs regardless of
> whether the app is a GTK-base app or a QT-based app:

I have no problems with KDE 3.2 on gentoo (OpenSSH_3.8p1) and SUSE 8.2 
(OpenSSH_3.5p1) using "ssh -X" as normal user so I don't think this is a KDE 
relatated problem (did you upgrade anything else?). Have you tried as a 
normal user, using an explict

$ ssh -X normaluser at remote

googling for 'ssh "Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 key"' reveals a lot of possible 
reasons, which mostly deal with ~/.Xauthority, xhost, su, X 
no-listen-tcp, ...

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