How to uninstall old KDE

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Tue Mar 9 21:43:06 GMT 2004

Job 317 wrote:
> If updating to KDE3.2 is best done after uninstalling the old KDE
> (3.1.4) what  would be the best way to do that?
> I'm on a RedHat 9 machine and the KDE3.1.4 distro is all RPM-based.

I would recommend that you uninstall the RPMs individually.  You can use 
the option "--nodeps" so you don't have to worry about removing them in the 
correct order.  To get a list of most of the KDE RPMs installed, execute:

	rpm -qa |grep kde

You also need to uninstall Quanta if you have that installed and are 
upgrading.  For any RPM you have installed, also look for corresponding 
'devel' package.

It is also possible to uninstall multiple packages with RPM, but this is 
somewhat risky.

Or you can open KPackage and check the RPMs you want to uninstall, 
uninstall them, and them immediately logout of KDE.

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