Non-KDE Apps on 3.2 panel

Rashid N. Achilov shelton at
Tue Mar 9 06:15:34 GMT 2004

On Saturday 06 March 2004 02:48, Job 317 wrote:
> I am having a problem I've never had before with the KDE panel. I want
> to add my own links (e.g. mozilla and pan) which are not part of KDE (or
> whose prefered icons are not in KDE3.2).
> When I select Add->Special Button->Non-KDE Application, I surf to the
> icons's location (/usr/local/mozilla/icons) and select mozicon16.xpm or
> mozicon50.xpm) but the icon does not load for my new panel button.
> I am having this problem with several non-KDE applications.

This is an old bug. I have discovered it since 3.0.x. Press icon chaging 
button again and select "Other", KDE will load last visited directory in 
selection window. Now, when you select icon, it will appear.
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