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Jim MacLeod j75trym at
Sat Jul 31 21:25:47 BST 2004

On Saturday 31 Jul 2004 13:53, JACKIE AINSWORTH wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> I'm a brand new LINUX newbie SUSE-LINUX professional
> 9.1 user. Hoping to migrate from our
> P.C. pre-installed Microsoft 2000 professional. I
> don't have the solution but if it's any relevent
> consolation, our (out of warranty help) printer works
> fine with Microsoft However since installing our above
> brand of LINUX, our little old LEXMARK z11 printer
> will print out the FIRST page of each new doc or
> e-mail fine! HOWEVER the following pages print with
> the the blue and  red bubblejet passes, approx half a
> font horizontally  out of alignment!!! Seems there are
> these glitches!

Not good news I'm afraid - the z11 is not supported. If you go to SuSE's site 
and search for Lexmark in the hardware database it will give you more info

Another good place for advice is on usenet using Knode - subscribe to
alt-os-linux-suse - as it's title suggests, it's SuSE specific.

> The barand mission statement is 
> "Simply Change"! - This is my first contact with a KDE
> susbscriber but I simply cannot register with KDE.
> myself! Not even to enquire as to why not! Mystery
> prevails! All my e-mails returned with gobbldygook!
> Hope you don't mind this contact!
> Sincerely, Jim Ainsworth.
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