Kmail 1.6.2 using KDE 3.2.2-4 RedHat

Graeme Nichols gnichols at
Thu Jul 29 04:19:23 BST 2004

Hello Folks,

I have just upgraded to Fedora Core 2 from RedHat 8 and I would like
Kmail to use/import the messages/folders from the old Kmail. However,
when I started Kmail for the first time it popped up an error 'unable to
create folder 'inbox''. I was unable to get it going so I re-named Mail
to Mail.old and away Kmail went.

My question is: Is there a way to get the above version of Kmail to
import the old Kmail messages etc.? I cannot seem to find anything
anywhere showing how to do it. There are instructions for importing a
lot of other mailer messages so I thought that it was automatic for the
latest Kmail to simply use the messages from the previous version of
Kmail. Looks like I may have been wrong.

All suggestions welcome.

Kind regards, Graeme Nichols.
Life is a process, not a principle, a mystery to be lived, not a problem
to be solved. - Gerard Straub, television producer and author (stolen
from Frank Herbert??)
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