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Larry Howe larry.howe at
Mon Jul 26 16:49:50 BST 2004

As an aside, I notice this same behavior in Windows. Explorer has no print 
command at all when you're browsing directories. If you want to print a file 
listing, DOS is the only way. Is Konqueror mimicing explorer in this regard? 
I doubt there is any technical reason. As you say, if the same data were a 
web page, it would print fine.

Should we request this feature in Konqueror? I would find it useful also. I 
don't really have time to initiate it, but if you feel like starting it I 
will be glad to help out in whatever way I can.


On Monday 26 July 2004 05:09, Albrecht Mehl wrote:
> Roy J. Tellason wrote:
> >> For some curious reason konqueror - KDE 3.2 from SUSE
> >>9.1 - is able to print web pages, but not to print file trees ('print'
> >>in the document menu active resp. inactive).
> >>
> >>   - Why this different behaviour of konqueror?
> >>   - Is there a way to circumvent this obstacle?
> >
> > You could try using a screen capture utility such as ksnapshot,  and
> > perhaps processing the result with the gimp and then printing it.
> I suspect ksnapshot to process just what's on the screen. But my file
> tree is several 'monitor heights' heigh so that what is below the lower
>   margin of the screen will not be visible in the snapshot. A direct
> print by konqueror could handle this: when you receive a web page also
> several
> monitor heights heigh the complete information will be printed.
> Is my suspecion concerning the ksnapshot correct?
> The different behaviour of konqueror - print active vs. print inactive -
> must be caused by a bit somewhere deep inside, but nevertheless
> at a specific location. If someone knew of this location so that
> konqueror could be manipulated to print even file trees, my problem
> would be solved.
> A. Mehl
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