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Albrecht Mehl mehl at
Mon Jul 26 13:09:57 BST 2004

Roy J. Tellason wrote:

>> For some curious reason konqueror - KDE 3.2 from SUSE
>>9.1 - is able to print web pages, but not to print file trees ('print'
>>in the document menu active resp. inactive).
>>   - Why this different behaviour of konqueror?
>>   - Is there a way to circumvent this obstacle?

> You could try using a screen capture utility such as ksnapshot,  and perhaps 
> processing the result with the gimp and then printing it.

I suspect ksnapshot to process just what's on the screen. But my file 
tree is several 'monitor heights' heigh so that what is below the lower 
  margin of the screen will not be visible in the snapshot. A direct 
print by konqueror could handle this: when you receive a web page also 
monitor heights heigh the complete information will be printed.
Is my suspecion concerning the ksnapshot correct?

The different behaviour of konqueror - print active vs. print inactive -
must be caused by a bit somewhere deep inside, but nevertheless
at a specific location. If someone knew of this location so that
konqueror could be manipulated to print even file trees, my problem 
would be solved.

A. Mehl

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