Occasional weird crashes

Janne Ojaniemi janne.ojaniemi at nbl.fi
Sat Jul 24 16:26:14 BST 2004

I occasionally experience weird crashes on my system. I wont have any 
backtraces and the like. First the specs of my system:

Athlon64 3200+
GCC 3.4
Gentoo Linux 64Bit

Now, I'm not sure that are the "crashes" really crashes. What happens is that 
the app just suddenly vanishes. For example: I was just browsing the web when 
Kwin suddenly disappeared! Konqueror was still running, but the windecs 
(among other Kwin-related) disappeared. And that happens to Kicker as well. 
It just vanishes. If I manually restart Kicker, it appears again. And it has 
happened on some "real apps" as well. Kmail has sometimes just vanished. Once 
I was in a middle of writing an email, when it just vanished. I managed to 
bring it back, and it was exactly where I left it.

Now, that doesn't happen that often. Maybe once every few days. But since 
that's the only unstability I have encountered with KDE, I would like to have 
it fixed somehow. Other than that, my system has been rock-solid. 

Anyone else seen this?
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