chars problems in kde (UTF8)

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu Jul 22 22:54:42 BST 2004

Zé wrote:
> I think i discover the problem, but i dont know how to solve it.
> My kde is in Portuguese (iso 8859-1) and happens some times in konqueror 
> navigator, kmail, firefox, that appears some strange chars.
> So for example, in konqueror navigator in the first/welcome page, when should 
> appear 'distribuição' it appears 'distribuição', where should appear 
> 'últimos' appears 'últimos' and so on.
> And i resolve to see whats happening with the program KCharSekect, and when i 
> choosed the letter 'ç' and copyed it to the clipboar as UTF8, and pasted it 
> from the clipboard appeared this ç (all this done in the program 
> KCharSelect).
> Now i copyed 'ç' to the clipboard and then pasted from the clipboard as UTF8, 
> and voila, appeared again the correct letter that i first put, the letter 'ç'
> So what i concluded, the problem is encoding to UTF8 and from UTF8.
> What can be done to fix this to always appear the correct characters?

How do you have:

	View -> Set Encoding



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