search combobox in konqerors location bar

David P James dpjames at
Tue Jul 20 18:29:59 BST 2004

On Tue 20 July 2004 13:05, Christoph Wiesen wrote:
> Hello,
> I think that's the Google Search bar - it _should_ work by entering
> text... then again it's CVS you're using....
> I think it's been a bad choice to make this google bar visible by
> default. This adds unecessary clutter to the already said-to-be
> 'feature rich' default setup of Konqueror.
> It should have rather been optional since it's easy to do the same
> thing with "gg:" - and this doesn't use up precious space.

True, but "gg:" etc do clog up the drop-down and autocomplete history of 
the location bar. Putting them in a separate bar is better since you 
can set that bar not to autocomplete. Also, since Firefox, Safari and 
many ISP-customized versions of IE have a Search bar it's something 
people are expecting to find now. I know I'll be using it once 3.3 
comes out since I'm a little tired of all the pointless gg: entries in 
my autocomplete history.

I'll tell you what is clutter though - the cut/copy/paste and other such 
buttons that have little or no place on a browser, certainly not by 

> Maybe there could be a "new user's wizard/guide" that tells people
> how to use such less visible features and where to enable things like
> the google search bar, be they needed, instead of enabling redundant
> features by default.

Not official, but there is this page I assembled:

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