search combobox in konqerors location bar

Christoph Wiesen chris at
Tue Jul 20 18:05:19 BST 2004


I think that's the Google Search bar - it _should_ work by entering text... 
then again it's CVS you're using....

I think it's been a bad choice to make this google bar visible by default. 
This adds unecessary clutter to the already said-to-be 'feature rich' default 
setup of Konqueror.
It should have rather been optional since it's easy to do the same thing with 
"gg:" - and this doesn't use up precious space.
Maybe there could be a "new user's wizard/guide" that tells people how to use 
such less visible features and where to enable things like the google search 
bar, be they needed, instead of enabling redundant features by default.


Am Dienstag, 20. Juli 2004 18:51 schrieb Martin Koller:
> Hi all,
> using KDE from CVS, I see a search combobox beside the location field in
> konqueror.
> But can anyone tell me, what it shall do - because it simply does nothing.
> Which means: I enter some text, press enter but nothing happens. Neither
> with "Find in this page" nor via Google (which I have selected as search
> engine)
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