separate homes for konqueror-web & konqueror-file

daniel danstemporaryaccount at
Tue Jul 20 00:08:24 BST 2004

On July 16, 2004 05:18 am, Corey wrote:
> The problem that annoys me to a large degree is that when I'm using
> Konqueror File Management, the 'home' button is a web page (
> )... when I'm file browsing, it's logical that I would want my 'home' to
> be /home/<username> ...   not!

as a non-dev, i'm afraid i can't fix this issue for you, but i can suggest a 
work around.  i added a bookmark to google and enabled my bookmark toolbar, 
then renamed the bookmark to "".  now, i have a big google "g" in the 
upper-left corner of my browser that takes me to my home page, and the home 
button takes me "home".

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