Cool new featuress for a new kde?!

Rikard Johnels rikjoh at
Sat Jul 17 09:40:29 BST 2004

On Friday 16 July 2004 23.16, Ji Zhuang wrote:
> hey! :) I'm not a programmer, but I'm just wondering...
> A desktop interface with active, animated and auto-updated desktop scenes
> (e.g. an ocean scene updated dawn/noon/dusk according to the computer clock
> and showing an animated sunrise/sunset)...

Probably feasible with a cron script and a few background pic's and changed 
with any utility that alters the background.

> A penguin all-in-one desktop assistant featuring a calender, e-mail agent,
> reminders, spoken jokes/trivia/greetings, i.e. "Merry Christmas!" on Dec.
> 25, spoken and animated tips on Linux, help with Linux, narrated commands,
> i.e. "Doc 4 has been saved", a full narrator for blind users, a speak
> module for the user to speak to the computer, and options including
> voice/pitch/speed/silent mode/invisible mode adjustments.

And i who switched to OpenOffice to get RID of the ass(istant)

> A translucent hand-clock on the desktop, taskbars for each desktop
> (auto-hideable), quicklaunch panels, and each corner of the monitor screen
> labeled decoratively with "1, 2, 3 and 4" for 1-click access to the 4
> desktops with a cool flipping animation...
> phew... a lot of features... but i know nothing of how to make all this a
> reality... anyone can help?!
> -- Ji Zhuang

Personally i rather go with a fast, reliable desktop then all those flashy 
thingemagigs. Sure they are eyecatching, but whats the real use??
My own .02$ worth... :)


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