Music Playing Problems aRts nice? RFC

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Mon Jul 12 07:17:01 BST 2004

Norberto Bensa wrote:
> James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>>I have found that sound works much better on my system if: "artsd" runs at
>>nice -10.  Am I correct in this belief or is it something else?
> What do you mean by "sound works better" ?

The problem was that it had a hick-up every time I moved a window.
> I've installed kde 3.3.0_beta1 and ogg output from juk sucks big time.
> (to kde sound devs: when will there be a gstreamer enabled kde!!???)

First, you might want to try Kaboodle to make sure that it isn't a Juk issue.

I found that $KDEDIR/bin/artswrapper is not installed SUID, you need to [as 
root] make that change by hand.  See if that helps.

In the Sound System KCM, on the General tab, enable:

	Run with the highest priority (realtime priority)

Then on the Hardware tab "Select the audio device" yourself rather than leaving 
at automatic.

Then kill all instances of: "artsd" so that it will restart.

Or, try [as root]:

	renice -10 `pidof artsd`

and see if that improves things.


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