Sound Issue

David cayuse at
Thu Jul 8 18:36:46 BST 2004

Yes I know this sounds like it is off topic, but this problem really is 
somehow specific to KDE please help!

When I boot my machine (mostly default SUSE 9.1 install) the alsactl 
restores the state, and sond works fine.  I know this, because I have a 
daemon that I've written that starts playing random MP3s from the 
computer.  Eventually, the Xwindow system starts, and the KDE login pane 
comes up.  There are still no problems.

However, when I log in (under any user) about 1/2 way through the KDE 
loading process (splash screen is clicking through it's icons) somehting 
mangles the sound card settings, and the sound goes out.  Even kde apps 
cannot produce sound.  I have to bring up a window, and manually execute 
'alsactl restore' to get the sound working again. Alternatively, I can 
execute one of the various graphical mixers and reset all the settings by 
hand, but this is obviously tedious and annoying.

If I fail to restore the settings, and shutdown the computer, alsactl must 
save the state of the sound card on shutdown, and it gets totally mangled 
so that I must use a graphical mixer to get it back into a working state.

Ok that's a description of the problem. Heres the question.

What is running that would mangle the settings, and how can I prevent it 
from running, or change it's default settings to more useful settings to 
my setup?  Or how can I add a script (to the kde startup process) that 
restores the sound card settings for me?

Tech info:
Suse 9.1 mostly default with most updates.
Kde 3
Sound Blaster Live! card with a front panel "Live Drive" card.
the specific setting that is getting messed up is related to the optional 
"Optical Out" being turned off.

Thanks for any help
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