icon special variables for exec

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Wed Jul 7 03:18:13 BST 2004

Terry wrote:
> Hello,
> I created an icon in a folder within KDE.  I named it foobar.   I gave
> it an exec command line.  However, I want it to be something like
> Exec=rdesktop -g 1280x1024 $0
> where $0 is the name of the icon, foobar, like in shell.  How can I do
> this?  Come to think of it, I could have it invoke a single shell
> script and do my magic there but I guess it would be nice to know if
> there are special variables for this type of function available.

IIUC, $0 would give you rdesktop.  If that is what you want, use %i


	Exec=rdesktop -g 1280x1024 --icon <icon>


	Exec=rdesktop -g 1280x1024  -- --icon <icon>


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