Konsole get's sluggish after hours..

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at blazenet.net
Mon Jul 5 17:33:45 BST 2004

On Saturday 03 July 2004 09:08 pm, Kenneth Aafl√ły wrote:


> > > > This seems to be a nontrivial memory leak,  somewhere.  I don't know
> > > > versions, but this was happening with whatever the heck I got under
> > > > Slackware 9.0,  and stayed about the same in the stuff that came with
> > > > 9.1.  I haven't gotten newer here to try out yet.

> [snip]

> > > I have same situation, open Konsole with 10 or more  sessions,
> > > Konqueror for web browser and Kmail. After a day or more idle, Konsole
> > > little bit sluggish and i've to close Konqueror because eating system
> > > ram 100Mb just to open 2 website in tab.. duh...

> > That's even worse than here.  I currently have 2 tabs open and it's
> > eating about 55MB of swap.  Of course,  it was only eating about 35MB of
> > swap when I first fired things up after the last restart...

> Hmm, my swap after a whole day of usage:
>  03:03:19 up 1 day,  3:48,  1 user,  load average: 0.34, 0.47, 0.34

Eh?   I don't see anything in there pertaining to swap.  Those load numbers 
seem a little high to me,  though.  Maybe not.

> And my swap is still stable, ie non-usage. I've attached the output of 'ps
> aux' edited to remove most unrelated processes. But just to mention it,
> I've yet to notice any sluggishness in konsole (maybe to little usage?).

I don't see where ps is going to help here either.  That's telling you what's 
running,  but doesn't address the issue of swap that I can see...

What I do here is set up "top" to run on tty8,  in the init scripts of each 
machine I set up (there are currently three of them with a fourth one in 
process).  At the moment,  the line in there that refers to swap reads as 

Swap:  248964k av,   29680k used,   219284k free                      27272k 

Dunno why that "cached" bit is on that line.  This is with KDE up and kmail 
_only_ running at the present time.

Yesterday is a perfect example of the problem.  I had kmail up,  and also 
konqueror (where I think the problem lies),  and over a period of hours the 
swap used got all the way up to 111M!  The area around 20-30M seems to be 
typical when you first start it up.  Opening the browser and loading a web 
page will use some,  opening more tabs will drive things up,  and once you 
get up into the 50s things start to get *real* sluggish,  and you don't wanna 
use it any more.

At the moment I've got another machine on,  also on the LAN and working 
through the same firewall,  and that's got a lot more physical RAM in it, so 
that's where konqueror is running.   There's 320M in that box and the last 
time I looked it hadn't touched swap _at all_.  I have some more NFS tweaking 
to do before I get to the point were I'll be wanting to use mostly that box,  
but having started out using it,  I haven't noticed any particular pattern of 
RAM usage increasing.  Right now it's at 291012k used out of 321044k 
available.  We'll see if it increases or what...

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