Slow application opening

Andy Teijelo PĂ©rez espino at
Sun Jul 4 23:59:02 BST 2004

I'm, experiencing a little problem when opening KDE applications. They take 
longer than what is normal. But it wouldn't be so bad if at least the 
processor had been busy. It remains almost 100% idle while the application is 
opening. I tried what follows: I closed everything, opened an X session with 
just an xterm and started opening one by one the programs of a full KDE 
session. I opened konsole and it opened fast. I opened kdesktop, kicker, 
klauncher, knotify and everything was ok until I opened ksmserver. From then 
on, applications started to open slowly without using almost any CPU time. 
While ksmserver was opening it showed this message: 
"Can't get own host name. Your system is severely misconfigured"
The problem is the same for every user. Even if create a new one.
I've been messing around with the network configuration in my system and I am 
affraid I may have indeed severely misconfigured it, but I don't know what 
ksmserver is and I have no clue about where to start searching for the 
I'm using KDE 3.2 on Mandrake 10.0.
I would appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance, Andy.

PS: I was just about sending this message when I noted another thing that may 
be useful for you guys to find the problem. If I open an application in the 
xterm, even after I started ksmserver, it opens fast. The slow ones are those 
opened through the applicationes started by the ksmserver, I mean clicking in 
the panel or in the desktop.

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