Konqueror does not show dialog for Java applet

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sat Jul 3 19:37:25 BST 2004

John Zoetebier wrote:
> James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>>John Zoetebier wrote:
>>>John Zoetebier wrote:
>>>>This is more specific thread for a Java applet problem with Konqueror 3.2
>>>>Use a browser like Mozilla with the Java plugin enabled.
>>>>Check this via Help > Plugins : you will see a section for something like
>>>>Java(TM) Plug-in 1.4.2_04-b05
>>>>Next go to web site http://www.postbank.nl
>>>>Under Mijn Postbank.nl click on login.
>>>>Wait about 10 seconds and you get a dialog to download a Java Applet:
>>>>Warning - security
>>>>Do you want to trust the signed applet distributed by "Postbank N.V"
>>>>Now do the same with Konqueror.
>>>>The Java applet dialog box does not appear.
>>>>JavaScript is properly working with Konqueror.
>>>>Did anybody manage to get Java working properly with Konqueror ?
>>>>If so, what are the settings ?
>>>I ran a test with Opera for page
>>>After a few seconds Opera shows a dialog with title "Java security" and
>>>A signed applet is requesting additional privileges. Do you wish to grant
>>>this applet all permissions ?
>>>There is a view button to for the certificates shown in a list.
>>>When I repeat the above with Konqueror I see in the right bottom corner a
>>>bug icon.
>>>When I click on the icon a dialog appears with title JavaScriptErrors and
>>>Error: https://www.p3.postbank.nl/sesam/js/sitestat.js: TypeError: Value
>>>undefined (result of expression ns_33.addBehavior) is not an object.
>>>Cannot be called.
>>>It looks like this is not a Java problem in Konqueror but a JavaScript
>>>If there is no other explanation I will lodge a bug report for Konqueror.
>>This does work for me with 3.2.3 so I wouldn't file a report unless/until
>>you have upgraded to that version.
>>Another possibility is that it might be related to pop-up window options. 
>>I have set the option to open user initiated pop-ups in a new window
>>rather than a new tab.
> I cannot find pop-up windows options for Konqueror 3.2.

It is a hidden option:


> What is the easiest way to upgrade to Konqueror 3.2.3 ?

The RPMs are here:


You need to download a KDE RPM of the new version for each RPM of the old 
version that you have installed.  If you can not find a new one, you will need 
to uninstall the old one before you proceed with the upgrade.

You can get a list of most of these with:

	rpm -qa |grep kde

Don't forget that you may need to upgrade aRts and Qt.

> I tried to upgrade KDE in the past on a SuSE box but got caught in zillions
> of dependencies.

The only trick to this is that you MUST upgrade all of the KDE RPMs at the same 
time.  You can NOT upgrade them one at a time due to the fact that they are 
mutually dependent.

It is unlikely that there will be a lot of other dependencies with a minor 
version upgrade.

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