taskbar is empty / neither running programs nor desktops nor logout/lock screen displayed

Martin Koller m.koller at surfeu.at
Sat Jan 31 19:29:46 GMT 2004

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On Monday 26 January 2004 15:03, Chris wrote:
> Hi,
> recently, I updated KDE to version 2.2.2. In the

2.2.2 ? really that old ?

> beginning it worked but after a couple of restarts KDE
> doesn't show any items in the taskbar anymore (except
> the K-Menu, the items to start new programs and the
> clock on the right). Especially, there are no items
> for open windows (to switch between them), no buttons
> to switch between the different virtual desktops
> (their number is set to 4) and no buttons to log out
> and to lock the screen. I have no idea where this
> comes from. In the menu panel/preferences/taskbar all
> 5 options (Show all windows etc.) are turned on.
> Can anybode help me? Thanks a lot!

I don't know why that happened, but it seems that the applets in the kicker 
are not activated.
Try to right click in the kicker, then select Add->Applet->Taskbar
or Add->Applet->Lock/Logout etc.

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