Popup Windows cause active Desktop to switch

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sat Jan 31 01:07:16 GMT 2004

Henrique Pinto wrote:
>>Unfortunately, these "improvements" make using The GIMP a real pain.
>>Is there any way to turn it off?
> Yes. Take a look at the Window Behavior KCM. There you'll be able to change
> the focus stealing prevention level (read the WhatsThis help if the options
> are unclear for you) or disable it completely.
> There's also a way to disable it only for specific applications (The GIMP,
> in your case), but I don't think there's a GUI for it, nor can I remember
> which key in which file you would have to alter.

I see the problem which appears to be related to the focus policy.  I use 
Focus Strictly Under Mouse.

When that little window that is the actual application window for The GIMP 
opens, if the mouse button is where it opens, then it gets focus and the 
rest of the windows for The GIMP will open.  Otherwise they don't.  So, the 
only solution for The GIMP is to turn it off.

The same thing happens when you do something that results in another window 
opening in The GIMP.  If it doesn't have focus, then the new window doesn't 

However, if I choose: Focus Follows Mouse, all of the windows for The GIMP 
open even though the main window doesn't get focus.

Clearly this is a bug.

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