KMail spelling and language

Stephan Matthiesen stephan at
Mon Jan 26 16:35:26 GMT 2004


Am Montag, 26. Januar 2004 15:33 schrieb Robin Rosenberg:
> Is there a quick way of selecting which language the spelling checker
> should use. I write mail in swedish and english  e. Changing language for
> the spelling is a long sequence of clicks.

I have defined two identities (for the same e-mail) and selected a different 
language / spell checker for each of them. Then I can quickly change between 
the identiites from within the mail editor. (I'm using KDE 3.2b, sorry if it's 
not possible in earlier versions).

I have a related question: is there a quick way to change the text tha is 
inserted before reply and forward? See above Kmail inserted the German
"Am Montag, 26. Januar 2004 15:33 schrieb Robin Rosenberg:"
but when replying to an english mail I rather want the English equivalent. So 
far I can only see that you can set it globally, but not for each mail 

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