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Shawn Willden shawn at willden.org
Sun Jan 25 15:40:27 GMT 2004

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On Sunday 25 January 2004 04:00 am, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> ark, KDE's archive handler, is associated with the filetype and opens
> it. Edit the file association for ZIP file and remove ark (control
> center->KDE components->file associations)

Unfortunately, this will mean that ark will also not open zip files when 
browsing them locally, which is probably not the desired behavior

> or use hold the shift key 
> when clicking the link or right click the link an choose "Save link as"

And that doesn't always work either, since sometimes the link you click is 
actually a link to an HTML page that redirects to the actual file.

IMO, this is a Konqueror design flaw.  It sounds reasonable to say that 
Konqueror should just act based on the mime type, regardless of the 
location of the file, but this is not, in fact, what users generally want 
with certain file types, compressed archives being the prime example.  
When I click on a tarball on my local file system, I want ark to open it, 
but when I click on a hyperlink to the same tarball on a web page, I just 
want to be prompted to download it.

In practice, I can usually work around this problem, but it took me a while 
to figure out the workarounds and everyone I know that starts using 
Konqueror considers this behavior to be annoying and broken.

I'm not sure what a good solution is.  It's easy enough to say "allow the 
user to specify that this MIME type should be downloaded and saved by 
default when it's activated remotely", but I can see that it might be hard 
to define "remote" across the whole set of kioslaves that do now and will 
exist.  It's a topic worthy of exploration, though.

Just my two cents,

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