Keyboard Shortcuts

Jani-Matti Hätinen jannu.hatinen at
Tue Jan 20 20:56:05 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 20 January 2004 22:48, Michael Bazdell wrote:
> Okay.. I just rebooted and now Konq sees the keys.. I don't know why...
> Just does.. but when I change them to my custom names, it doesn't work..
> but making them F13 F14 etc, they work.. go figure....

AFAIK there's a fairly limited set of keysymbols (in addition to the standard 
ones) that X chooses to listen to. xmodmap is a nice program in the way that 
it only accepts those keysymbols that work with X. (at least here it 
complains if I try something else)
  I've tried looking around a bit, but so far haven't found a file which would 
list the complete set of keysymbols. Using something more descriptive than 
F13+ would be nice.

> Thanks all for you help.. this was a tricky one...

No problem.

Jani-Matti Hätinen

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