konqueror : fonts way too small

Marc Heyvaert marc.heyvaert at minfin.fed.be
Mon Jan 19 12:16:15 GMT 2004


My question is about webpages that display with fonts that are way too small
to be read comfortably in Konqueror.

My problem occurs with mail pages at yahoo.com. The messages are displayed
in fonts of about 2 or 4 points.

I run a suse 8.2 distribution with kde and qt upgraded to 3.1.4 and 3.2. I
have tried setting the fonts, trying different types of fonts, setting
different sizes, minimum size at 10 or 12, all with no effect on the text of
the message displayed. All other fonts are adjusted as expected. So I am
happy with the way that I can reconfigure the fonts in Konqueror, only on
this one item (the message text) it doesn't seem to have any effect at all

Then I thought that perhaps the message displayed was some sort of embedded
part or viewer. So I started fiddling around with the file associations,
being sure that all text associations were set to Kedit. In Kedit my fonts
look normal. To be on the safe side I checked font display in all other
types of editor too, they all seem to be ok.

I had a look around in bugs.kde.org and I used google to see if I could
locate someone else with this problem, but the only things that I found had
no relation to my problem.

Any suggestions?


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