new to KDE, settings questions

Dexter Filmore Dexter.Filmore at
Thu Jan 15 14:01:34 GMT 2004

> Are you certain that it is: "~/.bashrc" that is not being executed?  This
> should be run whenever Bash is opened in interactive mode.

that was the problem, pure konsole wont run bash. a linux-konsole session
will, hence... ->
>   - how do I make konsole use Linux-Konsole by default?
> IIUC, you think that this will fix the problem.  I don't think so.

-> does :)

> KDE will use several common bitmap icon formats.  The icons can be anywhere
> as long as you put the full path in the *.desktop file for the menu entry. 
> Icons for GNOME should be automatically found if they are in:
> "$KDEDIR/share/pixmaps/".  If you have GNOME installed with a different
> prefix than KDE, a single link:
> 	$KDEDIR/share/pixmaps -> <GNOME-prefix>/share/pixmaps
> should make the GNOME icons available to KDE automatically.
of course! 
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