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James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu Jan 15 07:47:49 GMT 2004

Dexter Filmore wrote:
> So After 5 years Gnome I decided to give KDE another shot. I'd like to leave
> out the whys.
> Konsole: 
> .bashrc is not executed

Are you certain that it is: "~/.bashrc" that is not being executed?  This should be run 
whenever Bash is opened in interactive mode.

  - how do I make konsole use Linux-Konsole by default?

IIUC, you think that this will fix the problem.  I don't think so.

Is it possible that it is the: "~/.bash_profile" script that isn't being executed.  This 
script is not supposed to be executed when you open a Konsole.  However, your system 
should be setup so that it (along with: "/etc/profile") is executed once when KDE is started.


> non-KDE-apps on Kicker: said Sylpheed needs a distinguishable icon on Kicker,
> I stick to the kmail icon for now but the original one is better. where does
> it have to go and what formats are known for icons? only png? how about svg?

KDE will use several common bitmap icon formats.  The icons can be anywhere as long as you 
put the full path in the *.desktop file for the menu entry.  Icons for GNOME should be 
automatically found if they are in: "$KDEDIR/share/pixmaps/".  If you have GNOME installed 
with a different prefix than KDE, a single link:

	$KDEDIR/share/pixmaps -> <GNOME-prefix>/share/pixmaps

should make the GNOME icons available to KDE automatically.


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