Konquerer and Netbanking

Peter B Van Campen peterb at vancampen.org
Wed Jan 14 17:01:29 GMT 2004

On Wednesday 14 January 2004 10:43 am, Franz Foedermayr wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2004 12:43 schrieb Kevin Krammer:
> > On Wednesday 14 January 2004 12:25, Franz Foedermayr wrote:
> > > Dear List !
> > > I  want to use Netbanking with KDE (Konquerwe 3.1.4) (SuSE Linux 9.0)
> > > But if  I enter  a Netbanking-Adress like  "www.netbanking.at"
> > > I get a "Konquerer JavaKonsole window" with the message (see below).
> > > and Login fails.
> >
> > I get the same output but the demo  account seems to work.
> > I wonder what they use the applet for.
> Yes, it' s true, but if you login with a real accaount, you
> get allways, "login incorrect",
> I have contacted this site but the answer is
> " we are platformindependent and we have tested it with
>   Win 98,Win 2000, Win XP, and it works sure with
>   MS Internetexplorer "" ????? What should I say to that !!!.
> So I contact this newsgroup to get more Information.
> PS: I use another netbanking (www.raiffeisen.at) and I have
>  no problem with this site and Konqueror


How have you set up Konqi to identify itself to web sites? There is a Konqi 
option where you select how it identifies itself ie "IE5, or IE4, or 
Netscape* or whatever. This has worked perfectly for me on each instance 
where a site refused to work. OPERA for SUSE also has this feature.


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