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Words by liste at [Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 05:41:34PM +0100]:
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> Sorry for killing the commentary-chain - deleted the original mail too
> early, which was posted this morning...
> The question was, why we would'n have been implemented something
> comparable to Apple's Exposé
> At a quick glance it seems to be the functionality which M$-Windooze has
> since nearly one decade (M$-D). On my KDE-installation it is the second
> button, right next to the KDE-start-menu-button, that shows the desktop.

Wrong. Have you read the apple URL?

"(...) Expos� instantly tiles all of your open windows � scales them down and
neatly arranges them, so you can see what�s in every single one. (...)
That�s not all. Move your mouse from one tiled window to the next, and
you�ll see its title displayed right in the center of the window. When
you find the window you need, just click on it. Magically, every window
will return to full size, and the window you clicked � whether it�s a
folder, a PDF, a QuickTime movie or a Word document � becomes the active
window and at the very top of the stack."


> So please elaborate, where are the differences, that are not easily
> configurable, besides the animation is diffent, depending on the theme you
> selected?


> I, at the moment don't see, where the productivity related enhancements of
> Exposé(TM) over KDE(genuine) are ;-)

You would if you saw expos� working :)

Go, run, to someone nearby to watch it. Go see the productivity boost.

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