Eliminating horizontal scroll bar in KDE apps

Jeffrey Barish jeffbarish at starband.net
Tue Jan 6 03:09:07 GMT 2004

This happened to me once before, but I don't know what I did to fix it: 
All windows (e.g., Konqueror, Kmail) with sufficient text have a
horizontal scroll bar.  The text on the right disappears under the
vertical scroll bar unless I scroll all the way to the right, in which
case text on the left disappears from the window.  I would like to
eliminate the horizontal scroll bar and have all the text visible. 
Now, you're probably thinking, "What an idiot.  All he has to do is
stretch the window horizontally."  Well, I probably am an idiot, but
stretching the window horizontally does not solve the problem because
the text rewraps so that stuff from the next line moves up a line and
under the vertical scroll bar.  I know that there's a way to fix the
problem because it magically went away once before.  Anyone know the
Jeffrey Barish

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