HELP: HP photsmart 318 in KDE!

Dr. Lyman Hazelton lrh at
Thu Jan 1 18:41:18 GMT 2004

Hello, Alex!

I'm not sure I can help, but I'll sure try.  I'm using FreeBSD 5.1, 
but the similarities should be enough, I hope.

First, check that you have entries for the usb ports in /dev.  They 
should show up as usb0, usb1...  

Next, try using gphoto2 to see if you can successfully communicate 
with the camera.   There are a number of useful things you can do 
with this, including the --list-ports option which will sniff around 
all of what gphoto2 thinks might be places you would hang a camera.  
It should show you the usb port, at least.  If it doesn't, then you 
can work on getting the port recognized by your system. (If the usb 
port isn't listed, you probably have an irq issue.  Go look at the 
output of dmesg and see if (1) the usb controller is listed there (it 
almost certainly will be), and (2) if an irq was assigned to it.  If 
there isn't a line showing an irq assignment, then you have another 
device somewhere that wants, and is getting, the same irq first.)  If 
it does, and your camera is actually plugged into the port, it may 
recognize it.  You can also use --list-cameras to see if gphoto2 
supports your camera.  It seems to support almost every digital 
camera ever made, though some of the older ones aren't on the list 

These things ought to tell you if the usb ports are there, and if the 
camera is recognizable on one of them.  Hopefully you will get enough 
information to resolve your problem.

Good luck!     -Lyman

On Thursday 01 January 2004 11:11 am, Alex wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am trying to connect the HP phtosmart 318 to my linux box:
> mandrake 9.1... Firstly I create a new entry in the KDE Control
> Center for digital vameras, and when I push the button to test it I
> always see the following message:
> "unable to initialize camera. Check your port settings and camera
> connectivity and try again..."
> It seems like operating systems doean reconise the usb port, isnt
> it?
> _Is it needed to compile the kernell or something like that to get
> the usb ports working?
> HOw do I know if USB ports are working well or not?
> Any advices???
> Thanks a lot...
> Alex
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