can't open HTML files from kmail

Christian Mueller cmueller at
Thu Dec 16 05:51:16 GMT 2004

Am Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2004 02:11 schrieb Mikhail Ramendik:
> I wrote:
> > And kmail can not open HTML files in Konqueror. Konqueror says "File not
> > found: /tmp/kde-[my user name]/somefilename.html_something . I check the
> > directory, and the file is not there!
> >
> > When I choose Open with... and enter "mozilla", the file is opened from
> > that same path, and it is there!
> >
> > What's wrong?
> I've found what's wrong. "kfmclient exec" returns at once, and then kmail 
> erases the file. It's a clear bug and I'll file it as such.

Could you please check if there's a subfolder called
/tmp/kde-user/kmailsome_random_string/ or 
(where some_random_string is some random string? :) 

It could be you're seeing this bug:

Or did you see the file in the location the error message mentioned and 
then it's gone?   Couldn't just the path be wrong? 


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