Annoyance KDE SUSE 9.2

Larry Howe larry.howe at
Tue Dec 14 03:13:28 GMT 2004

On Sunday 12 December 2004 18:21, Peter B Van Campen wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> There is a real bothersome bug in KDE on SUSE 9.2 and some earlier
> releases. Often I find that the highlighted line is 'flickering' or
> jiggling and therefore un selectable.
> Example: lft click on the SUSE menu (Geeko's smiling head) and the menu
> top lvl pops up and instead of one and only one entry being highlighted
> there is a flickering highlighted line but when you try to pick a line
> via the mouse the highlighting jumps all over, always escaping the
> mouse cursor. Work-around: use the KB arrow keys (up or dn) and then
> one entry becomes properly highlighted. Now after that it will act
> correctly.
> I often see this beheaviour in Konqi file mgr displays. There will be a
> flickering or quivering highlight on a line, but you cannot move it
> around with the mouse; move it with the KB arrow keys just once and it
> will stay correct for that window.
> I see this on several machines and on 8.2, 9.1, and 9.2 These PCs have
> nvidia cards, and some have the nvidia 3D drivers running and some are
> not.
> Have any of you seen this odd bug? I have reported it via 'feedback' two
> times now, but as you know we rarely ever get any answer back.
> PeterB

Have never seen this. Have run Suse 8 and 9.1 on nvidia, and 9.1 on ATI 
Radeon. Three different PCs, plus two other laptops. If you had a mouse 
problem, could that be causing this?

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