[SLE] Annoyance KDE SUSE 9.2

Peter B Van Campen peterb at vancampen.org
Sun Dec 12 23:21:56 GMT 2004

Hi Folks,

There is a real bothersome bug in KDE on SUSE 9.2 and some earlier 
releases. Often I find that the highlighted line is 'flickering' or 
jiggling and therefore un selectable.

Example: lft click on the SUSE menu (Geeko's smiling head) and the menu 
top lvl pops up and instead of one and only one entry being highlighted 
there is a flickering highlighted line but when you try to pick a line 
via the mouse the highlighting jumps all over, always escaping the 
mouse cursor. Work-around: use the KB arrow keys (up or dn) and then 
one entry becomes properly highlighted. Now after that it will act 

I often see this beheaviour in Konqi file mgr displays. There will be a 
flickering or quivering highlight on a line, but you cannot move it 
around with the mouse; move it with the KB arrow keys just once and it 
will stay correct for that window.

I see this on several machines and on 8.2, 9.1, and 9.2 These PCs have 
nvidia cards, and some have the nvidia 3D drivers running and some are 

Have any of you seen this odd bug? I have reported it via 'feedback' two 
times now, but as you know we rarely ever get any answer back.


Proud SUSE user since 5.2
Loving SUSE 9.2
My BLOG == http://vancampen.org/blog


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