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Wed Dec 8 03:48:35 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 07 December 2004 07:23 pm, J Hall wrote:

> I'm afraid I'm not seeing a very convincing argument as to why all these
> KDE applications are inferior. I use Kmail, Konqueror, and Kopete because
> they have features I use that the other applications you have listed don't.
> To simply say, Kopete < Gaim is not enough. Many would disagree with you
> and you're not giving any valid reasons why. Can you so easily quantify the
> usefulness of an application to the community in general? I do not believe
> so.  KDE is shaped by what the community wants and needs, and if you want
> your voice to be heard a more compelling argument is required.
> On another note, have you had a look at ?
as far as KOPETE < GAIM.  Here's one:  The smilies.  The way they are handled 
in Kopete as compared to GAIM.  GAIM has a set of smilies that correlate to 
the protocol in use, MSN messenger has one set, AOL has another, etc. 
depending on your theme.  Not only this but you can theme each one, by 
building your own themes using the best of what you like.  With Kopete its 
one set fits all and if AOL uses smilies not in the sets that come with 
kopete sorry about your luck (and this IS the case).  That makes kopete less 
than GAIM in my opinion.  However, when Kopete matches GAIM feature for 
feature, I'll switch to it in a heart beat, because it integrates with my 
other favorite apps, Kontact (kmail, knode, etc.).


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