KDE locking the whole box on SuSE 9.1

Rikard Johnels rikjoh at norweb.se
Thu Aug 26 11:17:49 BST 2004

Hi all!

Tried a fresh install of 9.1 today (for the third time)
No frills, just a clean from scratch install of the standard system.
And i've gotten the same problem EVERYTIME!

KDE locks up randomly after a few minutes.

No keyboard, no network no nothing but the button-on-the-front can unluck it.
I cant seem to find the answer to why or what causes the lockup.
Thought it to be YAS, but even if i dont run it it locks.
Thought it was a number of other things, none applied.
It just wont run.
It looses keyboard, CAPS and NUM toggles, but you cant shift to another 
terminal to kill X, and you cant even bail out with ctrl-alt-backspace. YOu 
cant access the box via keyboard at all.
It also kills network connections, i cant ping let alone ssh to the box as it 

What am i to do???


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