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Basil Fowler bjfowler at
Thu Aug 19 08:02:21 BST 2004

This is not totally relevant to the question posed but might give a clue.

I found that my Deskjet 690C was exceedingly slow printing certain documents 
with cups.  The problem was cured by changing the driver.  The slow driver 
was hpijs; changing to the cdj550 driver cured the problem.

Have a look in the Ghostscript files to see what is available.  You may have 
to change the file file /etc/cups/ppd/<your printer>.ppd by hand to install a 
new driver.  The appropriate lines are:

*FoomaticRIPCommandLine: "gs -q -dBATCH -dPARANOIDSAFER -dQUIET -dNOPA&&
USE -r300x300 -sDEVICE=cdj550%A%Z -sOutputFile=- -

I used the Mandrake - PrinterDrake utility to set up cups rather than the one 
provided by cups.  The choice of drivers was much better.

Hope this helps:

Basil Fowler

On Thursday 19 Aug 2004 05:43, Des Dougan wrote:
> I've recently upgraded from SuSE 9.0 to 9.1 (KDE 3.1 to 3.2.1) and am
> having an odd printing problem since then.
> I print using CUPS to a LaserJet 4L and am having problems printing some
> PDFs to this printer. All other files, and some (simple) PDFs print
> fine. More complex PDFs (i.e. other than those created by
>, as far as I can tell) fail to print. The printer status
> light flashes once and goes back to steady, rather than flashing during
> the processing of the job - so the job seems to be getting sent to the
> printer, but it seems to ignore it.
> CUPS versions are:
> cups-drivers-stp-1.1.20-60
> cups-drivers-1.1.20-60
> cups-client-1.1.20-103
> cups-1.1.20-103
> cups-libs-1.1.20-103
> Acrobat Reader is the latest from Adobe.
> This is an issue for me as one of the PDFs is a form from my medical
> insurance that I fill out in Acrobat then print. I was able to print
> prior to the upgrade.
> I'd appreciate any pointers in debugging this.
> Thanks,
> Des
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