Missing Icons in KDE menus - Can't relocate the fix

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Tue Aug 17 19:16:46 BST 2004

Steven P. Ulrick wrote:
> Hello, Everyone :)
> A few months ago, someone, I THINK James Richard Tyrer, posted a
> solution to the missing icons in Fedora Core/KDE menu's.  This issue
> would manifest whether one was compiling from source or CVS.  The
> solution involved symlinking certain directories.  The solution works
> like a charm, but when I tried to set up a user account for my wife, she
> had no icons.  I searched my own KDE archives, to no avail.  I even
> looked in the online archives, but I couldn't find the email that
> contained the fix I am referring to.

If you are missing GNOME stuff in KDE menus, and KDE and GNOME are installed 
with different prefixes, the solution is that you need to make a symbolic link 
or links so that the GNOME stuff that is in "<GNOME prefix>/share/" can be 
accessed with: "<KDE prefix>/share/".

So, for the icons you would need:

	<KDE prefix>/share/pixmaps -> <GNOME prefix/share/pixmaps

Or, are you missing more than just the GNOME icons?

In any case, KDE will only find (global) icons in the directory trees rooted at:


Icons in other places can only be specified with a full path.

There are archives for the lists:


and you can search them with Google advanced search.

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