Xavier Callejas xcallejas at ibcinc.com.sv
Fri Aug 13 01:18:38 BST 2004

I don't want to intall kdetv, I don't use this app, but the compilations stops 
beacuse the checksum of this app it's bad, anyway, I don't to install it, how 
can I jump the compilations of this app and go on with the others????

El Mié 11 Ago 2004 11:03, Gene Heskett escribió:
> On Wednesday 11 August 2004 11:53, Xavier Callejas wrote:
> >Hi.
> >I'm compiling the lastest version of unestable kde (it is compinling
> > since yesterday in the mornig :{ ), by default it's installing int
> > ~/kde3.3 ok, but I already have suse 9.1 with kde 3.2.3. If the new
> > installation is good how can I replace this old version with the
> > new one without compiling it again????
> Just change your env variables that apply, log out of X, out of the
> login shell, and back in.
> These are (here anyway) :
> QTDIR=/root/kde3.3-beta2
> KDEDIR=/root/kde3.3-beta2
> KDEHOME=/root/.kdetest
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/root/kde3.3-beta2/lib:(plus the usual suspects)
> And make sure the new kde installs 'bin' dir is in the PATH before its
> exported.
> You'll want to fix the MANPATH also for full access to the manpages.
> I do all that in my ~/.bashrc

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