attempts to build kdeveloper version 3.0.92 from source

Nave, Ronald NaveR at
Tue Aug 10 19:37:25 BST 2004

I have downloaded and compiled the kdeveloper version 3.0.92 from source  on
a Fedora 2 system using  gcc 3.4.0 

However, upon start up I get the error 

/usr/lib/kde3/   undefined symbol 


I have also  attempted to build the same file on a second system running
Fedora   3 Test 1 running  gcc version  3.4.1

On this sytem I get a compiler error 
cvspartimpl.cpp : in member function 'virtual book

cvspartimpl.cpp::368 error : no function for call to
'CvsService_stub::checkout(QString , QString , QString, bool, const
char[1],bool )

cvspartiml.lo   Error 1 

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