how to start an application in a seperate instance?

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Mon Aug 9 04:36:36 BST 2004

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> I would make a separate menu entry for the two languages.  E.G.:
> 	Mozilla (Japanese)
> 	Mozilla (Chinese)
> You can modify the existing 'desktop' file to do this.
> You can normally just add this to the command line in your 'desktop'
> file:
> 	Exec=LC_CTYPE=<type> mozilla
> If the command line gets too long, write a short script.  And
> remember if you have a " " (space) that is not a delimiter, then use
> quote marks.

I tried this, but with the same results, like I described it earlier. 
When the Chinese instance is running and I start the Japanese one, the 
second instance will still have the Chinese settings and not the 
Japanese ones.
I have to close the Chinese instance first and then can start the 
Japanese one. But this is not what I want. :(
I tried this with mozilla and kmail.

> This appears to be an issue which you might want to post to
> 'kde-usability' or write a wishlist bug since in your case, you need
> to be able to switch your location and X configuration without
> restarting KDE and this currently isn't possible.

The "perfect" way would be to include this into the keyboard layout 
changing function in KDE (which currently uses XDM to change the 
keyboard layout). I wonder if it would be possible to use the same 
method for environment variables. But I guess not, because XDM is a 
builtin function in X and I don't know any X method to change 
environment variables on the fly. I presume there is none.

Anyways, the proper way would be to switch from XIM to IIIMF anyways. 
But IIIMF is still in it's infancy. Although, GTK2 apps seem to support 
it already, I wasn't able to use it. The applications crashed. :(
I will put it on the wishlist anyways (although, I suppose this would be 
a QT issue?)

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