Konqueror Web Browser Printing

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Fri Aug 6 02:16:32 BST 2004

Jim Horner wrote:
> I have experienced this problem before many months (or years) ago when I used
> SuSE on KDE 3.1 and again on Libranet. The odd thing is I have multiple
> machines that are all sync'd as far as distro and software apps go. The only
> workstation that experiences this problem is my laptop; both now and long
> ago. My work around is to print web pages in Mozilla. Mozilla will print fine
> to a postscript file. Konqueror will not print correctly to either the
> printer, postscript or pdf. I thought it was some sort of font.config or
> printer filter problem because some web pages will print fine but others
> won't. 

No, if the PostScript font is screwed up then it is the Qt PostScript driver. 
This has been an issue for some time.  This has been improved some with the 
latest version of Qt (3.3.2).

Part of the issue might be the fonts.  You want to be certain that you don't try 
to print the XFree86 bit mapped screen fonts, and you should have the TrueType 
fonts that the web page uses installed on your system:



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