Konqueror Web Browser Printing

Jim Horner jhorner at arinbe.com
Thu Aug 5 16:16:01 BST 2004

On Thursday 05 August 2004 10:28, Richard Pace wrote:
> Hi:
> I hope this is the correct mailing list for this.  If not, let me know.
> On my system, Konqueror prints "printer friendly" web pages apparently
> double spaced (4 lines per inch)  and bold using  what appears to be about
> a 12-pitch font.  I can't figure out how to control this.  I've tried
> changing the lines-per-inch and chars-per-inch in the printer configuration
> to no avail.  So I think it must be something in Konqueror.  Any ideas? Can
> this be controlled?  Be gentle - I'm somewhat new to this desktop
> environment - converting from Windows.
> The font size in Konqueror is configured with 8 minimum and 10 medium (for
> web pages).  Printer is an HP Laserjet.  System is SuSE Linux 9.2 with KDE
> 3.2.3 and Konqueror 3.2.3.

I have the same -EXACT- problem and have been searching for months (possibly 
years) for anyone with any answers. I am currently using debian with KDE 
3.2.3 with the same 8 min and 10 med fonts. I have experienced this problem 
before many months (or years) ago when I used SuSE on KDE 3.1 and again on 
Libranet. The odd thing is I have multiple machines that are all sync'd as 
far as distro and software apps go. The only workstation that experiences 
this problem is my laptop; both now and long ago. My work around is to print 
web pages in Mozilla. Mozilla will print fine to a postscript file. Konqueror 
will not print correctly to either the printer, postscript or pdf. I thought 
it was some sort of font.config or printer filter problem because some web 
pages will print fine but others won't. I never clued in on that it is only 
the bold fonts that print like crap. Anyway I could never figure it out and 
would be indebted to anyone with any insight.


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