[suse-kde] Keyboard Layout

Jogchum Reitsma j.reitsma at hccnet.nl
Tue Aug 3 12:46:29 BST 2004

Jim MacLeod wrote:

>On Friday 30 Jul 2004 20:50, Ioannidis wrote:
>>my keyboard layout is behaving a little strange. I use English(US) as my
>>default layout but each time i boot the system it loads a different
>>layout. I think it is German or something like that because it has the
>>-umlauds if i say it correctly-. Anyway, if i run yast and select
>>keyboard layout, i see that English(US) is checked and if i press Accept
>>then my layout is ok.
>>What can cause this because it wasn't always like this. Is there a
>>config file?
>Control Centre - Regional & Accessibility - Keyboard Layout.
>Add the keyboard layout you want, ie US English
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In Suse 9.0 (KDE 3.1, as I recall), there was a choice between English 
UK keyboard layout, and English US keyboard layout. There even was an 
applet which made it possible to change the choice on the fly. 
Difference between them was that the US kb had the so-called 'dead 
keys', to easily type diacritics. You simply typed the accent, and after 
that the character that had to be accented. In Suse 9.1, KDE 3.2, it 
isn't there anymore,  and I don't know where to configure it. If that's 
at all possible... Choosing a German keyboard doesn't help, because the 
layout differs too much from my Acer Aspire 1711SCI.

Anyone any idea? Thanks in advance!

kind greetings, Jogchum Reitsma
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