How to start applications with different environment variables from desktop?

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Tue Aug 3 10:08:18 BST 2004

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Hi list,

I want to have an easy way to start different applications with 
different shell environment varaibles.

I'm using simplefied / traditional chinese and japanese and have to set 
LC_CTYPE and XMODIFIERS accordingly to be able to input the characters 
into the application.

So, I though of having a Icon on my desktop for each input method and 
then something like this in the command execution field:


The only problem is: what is the correct variable to replace 
%APPLICATION with the program name I drag on that icon? I want to use 
it in a drag-and-drop manner, like we can drag a document onto the 
editor icon and then the editor opens that document automatically.
Is there a way to do this with programs instead of documents?

Is there a list of all available %SOMETHING variables?

A good candidate for this would also be kmail: sometimes I have to input 
different scripts into my mails. As there is currently no way to simply 
switch between chinese/japanese input methods in the running 
application, would it be possible to start a new instance of kmail with 
different environment settings when another one is running? I.e. the 
running one for displaying the mailfolders and the new one with the 
appropriate input method for typing a new mail?

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