KDE for mom: an icon for ppp shell-scripts

Alexander Farber Alexander.Farber at t-online.de
Tue Sep 30 12:43:57 BST 2003


since all my mother ever does on her PC is reading
mails and browsing web via a modem I'd like to try
to replace her Win98 with OpenBSD 3.4 and KDE 3.1.4.

I don't want to use kppp because it seems to be linux-
centric to me and I would like to use BSD's userland
ppp (because of filtering and better control with
dial/alive) and because I don't want her to enter 
any ISP phones/passwords.

I just would like her to click an icon, which would
call a simple shell script (pppctl dial) and change 
that icon (also put it into a "systray"?), so that she 
sees, that she is online and thus won't forget to click 
that icon again when she wants to hang up (pppctl close).

Could anyone please suggest how to do it in KDE?

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