KDE's use of video memory?

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Sun Sep 28 16:52:11 BST 2003

On Sunday 28 September 2003 17:17, Steve Snyder wrote:
> Hello.
> Does the amount of video memory installed on a system affect KDE's
> performance and/or capabilities?

I think it depends on the X setup

> I have a new notebook system that has no dedicated video memory but
> instead uses a portion of system memory.  The amount of system memory
> reserved for video use is configurable in the BIOS and currently set to
> 64MB.  I'm trying to get some sense of how much "video memory" I really
> need and how much is going unused.

Sharing system memory is usually already slow enough (true video memory is 
faster and can be accessed independendly), so I think it won't make much 

> This is on a (x86) Red Hat Linux v9 system with KDE selected as the
> destop environment to use.  I realize that XFree86 uses some video
> memory, probably for font caching, but I'm guessing that it's not that
> much comprared to KDE.

KDE does not interact with the video card, only the X server does.

> I'm thinking of reducing my "video memory" from it's current 64MB to
> 32MB, or maybe even 16MB.  This would provide more memory to the
> overall system, which I know would be used, even if only for disk
> caching. However, I don't want to starve KDE of resources that it
> really will use.

Having more memory left for the programs will be better. Its something 
they will definitely use.
I used KDE on an old graphics card with 8MB video memory and didn't have 
any problem at all, while I really got a speed up when upgrading system 
memory from 64 to 128 MB.

> My desktop is running at 1024x768x32bpp.

If you don't need 32Bit, 16bpp will reduce the amount of memory used for 
on screen graphics, like wallpapers.

Kevin Krammer <kevin.krammer at gmx.at>
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