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Andrew Wendt awendt at
Sun Sep 28 04:52:55 BST 2003

On Saturday 27 September 2003 23:09, Sohail Somani wrote:
> Hey yeah is there something like a network monitor to monitor activity
> on incoming and outgoing ethernet packets? i am trying to disguise it,
> but I am of course talking about the kde equivalent of M$'s system tray
> network monitor ;-)

The Ksysguard applet will do this... I have a CPU meter and network meter 
running on the panel. Right-click on the panel, then choose "add", then 
"applet" then "Ksysguard".

If you then right-click on the handle, you can choose how many meters you 
would like.

Then I guess you can start the real Ksysguard (the app, not the applet), and 
drag "sensors" from the sensor browser down to the meters of panel applet. 
It's kind of a weird way to set it up. There is probably a better way, and I 
just don't know it. :-)

You can drag multiple sensors to a single box, so that you can have, for 
example, incoming and outgoing network usage shown on one graph, in different 
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