konsole "default" font

Nick LeRoy nleroy at cs.wisc.edu
Sat Sep 27 19:03:42 BST 2003


I'm not sure if this is Linux / SuSE 8.2 specific or not, but I'll try here 
first.  I've also posted to the SuSE list, but so far haven't found any magic 

How does "konsole" get it's settings for "normal", "tiny", etc.?  How can I 
change them (the whole family, that is)?  Somehow, my upgrade to 3.1.4 seems 
to have changed my default konsole font to some awful-ugly font, and I'd like 
to change it.  Yes, I know that I can set it to a "custom" font, but I'd like 
to be able to change the whole "family", so that secting "large" or "medium" 
will change to a different font in the same family (or whatever word you'd 
use).  I've tried grepping through .kde, etc., and I just can't figure out 
how to set it.

What I want is to be able to set up a custom font such that I can switch to / 
from default/tiny/small/medium/large/huge by just clicking 
Settings->Font->Large, and selecting the large font *from the family* of 
fonts that I setup.  For example, let's say that I like "courier 10 pitch".  
I'd like "tiny" to select "courier 10 pitch" size 6, and "small" to be 
"courier 10 pitch" size 8, ...  That's what I want to know, and what I've 
been unable to figure out in my years of working with KDE, actually.
So, where in the world does konsole *get* this setting?

And, why is it so fsck-ing ugly in KDE 3.1.4?  I've heard rumors that the ugly 
problem can be solved on SuSE by running SuSEconfig; I haven't tried this 
yet, but I'd still like to know where konsole gets it's setting & how to 
change it.

Thanks much!


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