Special character composition

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Thu Sep 25 02:03:56 BST 2003

Georges Giralt wrote:
> Hi !
> James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>> Georges Giralt wrote:
>>> Hi !
>>> I'm looking at the way to compose special characters in Kde (like, 
>>> for example, the Spanish inverted exclamation mark) and have this 
>>> mechanism work for Kde applications (kmail for example) or non kde 
>>> application like Mozilla, or Open Office.
>>> How could I do that ? and how do I turn a key into "compose" ?
>> In your case, you could just switch to the Spanish keyboard and type:
> And how do I do that ?  

You probably don't have the keyboard applet running, so you need to start 
in the Control Center under:

  	Regional & Accessibility => Keyboard Layout

Then you check the left box for EACH keyboard layout that you want to be 
able to use.  After you do that, there should be a little flag with two 
letters on it your system tray.  You can left click that to cycle through 
the list or right click to get a menu.

The ? is <Shift> _ and the ¿ is <Shift> +

Note: a VERY useful feature would be if this application had a way to 
display the keyboard layouts because I have a little trouble with Greek and 
Cyrillic (you need them for math and engineering stuff) keyboard layouts.

Also, notice that you can use "US English with dead keys" which is handy 
for accent marks.  ä ô é  Works just like a typewriter except that you 
don't need the backspace and it uses the actual glyph.  You have to hit the 
space bar if you just want the key without a letter.


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